Building a reliable blade 

    Technology is our business

    Capturing the wind in remote places, in all types of weather, calls for reliability.

    Our wind turbine blades are advanced creations: designed, manufactured and validated with cutting-edge tools to ensure they can endure the forces of nature for more than 20 years.

    Technology plays a central role in the design of each wind turbine blade type, taking into account several factors such as materials, aerodynamics, blade profile and structure. These factors define the performance and reliability of the blade and require an extremely high degree of precision.

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    Building a reliable blade


    Everything we do is by design.

    LM Wind Power has perfected the art of blade design over the past three decades. While the digital age has changed the way we generate our designs, the balance between key properties and fundamental blade concepts continue to form the basis of our designs.

    Building a reliable blade


    The optimal balance between price and performance.

    Via smart engineering, we 'stretch' what our materials are capable of and continually expand the envelope of what can be achieved.

    Building a reliable blade


    One team, one process, one blade.

    When we manufacture blades, we stay true to our core value, "Work as one team." Irrespective of where our blades are produced, the philosophy, the process and quality remain the same.

    Building a reliable blade


    Performance and reliability through rigorous testing.

    We are the only wind turbine blade manufacturer to have our very own wind tunnel and in-house testing facilities for full scale blade tests.