Manager, Technical EHS

    Do you want to integrate EHS into all machines, electrical and similar engineering related projects and provide functional EHS support related to technical installations, equipment and projects to senior and operational management 

    Role Summary:

    To integrate EHS into all machines, electrical and similar engineering related projects and the related organization and strive for legal compliance.
    To provide functional EHS support to senior and operational management, globally, by means of promoting, coordinating, facilitating, and implementing the LM Wind Power, GE Renewable and GE EHS requirements, EHS strategy as well as any legal and other requirements related to technical installations, equipment and projects.

     Essential Responsibilities:

    This position will support company initiatives for sustainability and the global process for the establishing accident free environment for employees.


    • EHS activities related to New Product, process developments, Mould Production, Machines, Equipment, and ergonomic issues.
    • Enhance exchange of information by regular effective safety communication methods to the entire organization.
    • Deliver machine and equipment related EHS training to Engineering, Mould production, factories and New capacity.
    • Ensure technical EHS compliance in all Mould and Equipment Engineering activities.
    • Drive ownership of applicable EHS safety systems and requirements.
    • Establish, communicate, and engage into machine and building safety matters
    • Work with suppliers on EHS compliance of equipment and machines.
    • Job impacts directly and indirectly on avoidance and reduction of different categories of losses, as well as supporting gains in operational efficiency and employee turnover
    • Enhance operational leadership: This position will enhance the capabilities of the organization by supporting stronger organizational EHS leadership.
    • Enhance Employee Morale: Support programs, fully aligned with GE Beliefs, which build employee morale and decrease voluntary turnover.
    • People loss: Position will reduce risks and outcomes for occupational fatalities, injuries, illness, lost work time, medical cost, overtime, administrative time, cost of hiring and/or training replacement staff, and decreased output of injured employees upon return.
    • Property loss: Prevents losses from building and equipment damage, inventory losses, manufacturing losses and environmental damage.
    • Reputation: negative impact on LM Wind Power reputation.
    • Commercial: loss of business and goodwill, Customer service level (late deliveries, ...), production and productivity loss.


    • Bachelor’s Degree in Technology Management or equivalent Engineering with practical & hands-on experience, or equivalent on the basis of proven track record – and with a solid experience with the Machinery directive and in general EHS.
    • Strong experience in similar job, industrial/manufacturing environment.
    • Robust knowledge of key concepts of documentation requirements (CE and similar), risk assessment, technical safety requirements, safety engineering and best practices in different industries.
    • Process understanding.

     Desired Characteristics:

    • Ability to influence multiple levels of leadership within the organization.
    • Strong organisational and analytical skills.
    • Ability to work in a multi-cultural team.
    • Languages: English. Other regional languages will be considered as a plus.


    Denmark, Kolding.


    Your application:

    You can apply for this position through the GE career portal or through this link.

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    Jupitervej 6
    6000 Kolding

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