LM Wind Power announces second blade factory in India

    LM Wind Power, the world’s largest independent supplier of blades for wind turbines, announced today that it is setting up a new blade manufacturing plant in Vadodara, Gujarat in the Midwestern part of India. Start of operations is scheduled for March, 2016.

    The Vadodara plant is being commissioned in direct response to increased domestic demand and will supply blades to wind projects in the northern part of India and beyond. The production will focus on blades up to 60 meters with room for expansion, and will employ more than 300 people in the initial phase, primarily from the local area.

    “LM Wind Power and its customers have been pioneers in helping to develop the Indian wind industry for more than 20 years, continuously introducing new technology and state of the art manufacturing methods. The Vadodara plant is a further commitment to this important market and directly supporting a customer’s ambitious growth plans in India. We look forward to operating in Gujarat, helping to provide clean, affordable energy to Indian consumers and further supporting the sustainable development of the local economy,” said LM Wind Power’s Chief Executive Officer, Marc de Jong.

    The site in Vadodara, Gujarat is located in the Halol industrial area which provides easy access to a strong base of skilled employees. The proximity to the ports in Mumbai and Kandla further supports the viability of the site which is currently being remodeled and equipped to start operations next year.

    LM Wind Power has been present in the southern part of India since 1993, and currently operates a state of the art blade manufacturing facility in Dobaspet and a research and development office in Bangalore. The Dobaspet plant has won several awards for its outstanding safety and sustainability performance. 

    For more information, please contact:

    Lene Mi Ran Kristiansen, 
    Senior Manager Global Communications & Sustainability
    +45 51388236 


    Christopher Springham,
    VP Global Communications, HR & Sustainability
    +31 6 14814919

    About LM Wind Power
    LM Wind Power is the world's largest independent supplier of rotor blades for wind turbines, with a global manufacturing footprint that includes blade factories in Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, India, Poland, Spain and the United States. The company has produced more than 175,000 blades since 1978, corresponding to more than 70 GW installed capacity and global savings of more than 120 million tons of CO2 annually.

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    LM Wind Power

    @LMWindPower delivers 66.9 meter blades for @Goldwind_USA ’s new 3 MW #wind turbine. https://t.co/GfJps1nCSO https://t.co/urovf79p2y
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    LM Wind Power

    @LMWindPower delivers 66.9 meter blades for Goldwind's new 3 MW wind turbine https://t.co/9xd9uNZHAF vía @FuturEnergy_
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    LM Wind Power

    Read @rechargenews: China's Goldwind installs first @LMWindPower blades on GW3S proto https://t.co/3Fi749QbfR @Goldwind_USA @GWECGlobalWind
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    LM Wind Power

    We are pleased to announce the launch of another new blade type for one of our long-standing customers in China. Our newly developed 66.9 meter blades for Goldwind's 3MW wind turbine platform have been installed successfully on the first prototype turbine. Read the full press release here.
    16-01-2017 14:31:52 | instagram
    The first set of LM 66.9 meter blades has been successfully installed on Goldwind's 3MW GW3S prototype turbine in #China! Read the full press release here: fal.cn/PressReleaseGoldwind #LMplaces #lmwindpower #love #greenbusiness #Goldwind #wind #windworks #windturbines #windturbine #renewables #windpower #windenergy #renewableenergy #cleanenergy #beautiful #future #sustainability #CaseForWind
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    LM Wind Power

    The first set of LM 66.9 meter blades was successfully installed on Goldwind's 3MW GW3S prototype turbine in China https://t.co/eAyW0EFQxZ https://t.co/vmuink82XG
    16-01-2017 13:06:32 | twitter

    LM Wind Power

    LM Wind Power has installed its 66.9-metre blades on Goldwind’s 3MW GW3S prototype turbine in China https://t.co/T0gwzWZn6a https://t.co/0icgnkYCTI
    16-01-2017 13:05:43 | twitter

    LM Wind Power

    Goldwind installs 3MW prototype with LM blades https://t.co/BxrtZGeEBa https://t.co/bhQM4oizDL
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    LM Wind Power

    And the gold medal goes to...LM 88.4 P, the world's longest blade! Windpower Monthly names our record-breaker as the best rotor blade of 2016, in their “Turbines of the Year” publication.