LM Wind Power and Ore Catapult

    LM Wind Power and the Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult announce collaboration on an innovative blade testing method, reducing fatigue test time by up to 50%.

    Global wind turbine blade manufacturer LM Wind Power and the Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult, the UK’s flagship technology innovation and research center for offshore wind, wave and tidal energy, today announced a strategic collaboration. Two of the leading players in offshore wind, the organizations are developing an innovative blade test method that could help to reduce overall blade test times by up to 25% and potentially almost halve the time for the fatigue-testing alone.

    Testing of critical components, like wind turbine blades, often lasts several months to simulate 20-25 years of lifetime. Now LM Wind Power together with ORE Catapult have embarked on an innovative partnership aiming to develop shorter and more cost effective blade tests.

    The project initiated by ORE Catapult set out to optimize the test design and develop a faster and even more precise method for conducting the flapwise and edgewise fatigue testing simultaneously on the same blade.

    This new test method will also have significant benefits in terms of time reductions and cost advantages, not least for the larger blades for offshore. The fatigue analysis software, developed by ORE Catapult in collaboration with Durham University and utilizing extensive data from LM Wind Power, was recently certified by DNV GL.

    The program is now moving into the testing phase, for which LM Wind Power has delivered the 40.3 meter blade that will undergo full-scale testing using the bi-axial testing technology at ORE Catapult’s facility in Blyth, Northumberland in the UK.

    LM Wind Power has more than 25 years of offshore blade experience and is a leader in the sector with blades on 50% of the installed offshore turbines of 5 MW+.

    ORE Catapult has over 10 years’ experience operating independent, state-of-the-art facilities to support blade manufacturers to verify new blade designs and to bring their products to market.

    “It is crucial that we continue to innovate and improve in every stage of the development and manufacture of offshore wind turbines to reduce the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) and ensure the expansion of offshore wind in the UK, Europe and beyond. The collaboration with a world-class research and test institution such as ORE Catapult cements our position as an offshore industry leader and enforces our commitment to innovation and to further developing the sector to the benefit of developers, consumers and the environment,” said LM Wind Power’s VP Offshore, Alexis Crama.

    ORE Catapult Director of Innovation & Research, Ignacio Marti, added: “Great strides have been made in reducing the cost of offshore wind generation, but it is only through world-class, collaborative innovation and research such as this exciting project that we will continue to deliver such progress, to ensure a secure, affordable low-carbon energy supply and considerable economic benefit”.

    The successful collaboration between LM Wind Power and ORE Catapult has paved the way for further research projects aiming to reduce the LCOE of offshore wind. These will be subject to further announcements. 

    Editors Notes
    The test methodology will be presented at the EWEA conference in Paris in the ‘Innovative design and validation tools’ session (Montmartre room), at 9.30 on Friday 20th November by its developer, Peter Greaves, Research Structural Engineer – Blades at the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult.

    For more information, please contact:

    Manager, Global Communications
    Lene Mi Ran Kristiansen
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    VP Global Communications & HR
    Christopher Oliver Springham
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    PR and Digital Media Manager, ORE Catapult
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    About LM Wind Power
    LM Wind Power is the world’s largest, independent supplier of rotor blades for wind turbines with more than 175,000 blades produced since 1978. The company is a technology leader with the full range of R&D activities in-house and a global manufacturing footprint covering Canada, US, Brazil, Denmark, Poland, Spain, China and India. LM Wind Power provided the blades for the world’s first offshore wind farm in Denmark in 1991 and has since then continued to deliver high performance, lightweight mega-blades for offshore application. The longest blade in the portfolio is currently 73.5 meters. www.lmwindpower.com

    About ORE Catapult
    ORE Catapult was established in 2013 by the UK Government and is one of ten such Catapults set up by Innovate UK in high growth industries. It is the UK’s flagship technology innovation and research center for offshore wind, wave and tidal energy.

    ORE Catapult delivers prioritized research underpinned by world-class test and demonstration facilities, collaborating with industry, academia and Government to reduce the cost of offshore renewable energy and create UK economic benefit. ore.catapult.org.uk

    Click here for more details on the bi-axial test project


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    @LMWindPower delivers 66.9 meter blades for Goldwind's new 3 MW wind turbine https://t.co/9xd9uNZHAF vía @FuturEnergy_
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    LM Wind Power

    We are pleased to announce the launch of another new blade type for one of our long-standing customers in China. Our newly developed 66.9 meter blades for Goldwind's 3MW wind turbine platform have been installed successfully on the first prototype turbine. Read the full press release here.
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    The first set of LM 66.9 meter blades was successfully installed on Goldwind's 3MW GW3S prototype turbine in China https://t.co/eAyW0EFQxZ https://t.co/vmuink82XG
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    LM Wind Power

    LM Wind Power has installed its 66.9-metre blades on Goldwind’s 3MW GW3S prototype turbine in China https://t.co/T0gwzWZn6a https://t.co/0icgnkYCTI
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    LM Wind Power

    And the gold medal goes to...LM 88.4 P, the world's longest blade! Windpower Monthly names our record-breaker as the best rotor blade of 2016, in their “Turbines of the Year” publication.