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A consistent focus on research helps maintain our leadership position. LM Wind Power conducts extensive R&D in close collaboration with both customers and leading research institutions. Our objective is to develop new technology that makes wind turbines more efficient and extends the service life of both the turbines and the blades.

At LM Wind Power, we believe in sharing knowledge and combining research to conquer new fields of innovation. Therefore we are actively engaged in a number of major national and international multi-stakeholder programs that all possess the potential to create breakthrough innovations for wind.

Blade King

Launched in 2008, this four-year project explores the potential benefits of materials in terms of ‘full scale’ production of large wind turbine blades. LM Wind Power has partnered up with the National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy Risø DTU, Aalborg University and thermoplastics specialist Comfill on developing new materials and technology, which will significantly reduce the production time of large rotor blades.

The project which is supported by the Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation, has developed the first composite materials with alternative fiber reinforcement. An intensive testing program has been launched to investigate and validate material properties, process characteristics and handling in relation to practical production processes. The first results are highlly promising.

Next step is to look at optimum bonding between fibers and resin, clarification of laminate properties in relation to mechanical, thermal and process issues as well as preliminary considerations relating to blade design and process development.


Each year, our wind turbine blades effectively replace approximately 110 million tons of CO2. Sustainability is integrated in our strategy and operations. In November 2010, LM Wind Power joined the UN Global Compact.

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Integrated testing of materials From the nano level - the structure and surface of the individual fibre to testing the material composition and the sum total of the material properties, LM Wind Power has the material expertise for blades used in wind turbines.
Idea Management SystemOur objective is to generate at least 80 completely new, well-considered ideas every single year. We consider it important to develop a corporate culture that places clear value on good ideas.

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