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A consistent focus on research helps maintain our leadership position. LM Wind Power conducts extensive R&D in close collaboration with both customers and leading research institutions. Our objective is to develop new technology that makes wind turbines more efficient and extends the service life of both the turbines and the blades.

At LM Wind Power, we believe in sharing knowledge and combining research to conquer new fields of innovation. Therefore we are actively engaged in a number of major national and international multi-stakeholder programs that all possess the potential to create breakthrough innovations for wind.

Please take a look at the specific project pages to learn more about the project headed by LM Wind Power.


Below is a list of projects where LM Wind Power is not the main catalyst, but an active part taker 


The objective of the project is to demonstrate the technical and economic feasibility of innovative and more reliable solutions for multi MW wind turbines in order to improve the competitiveness of wind energy technologies. The selected components of the wind turbine are the rotor (specifically the blade), power electronics (specifically the converter) and Control and communication system (specifically the controller system). 

LM Wind Power is leading a work package on improved rotor blades. The focus of this part of the project is to increase power production, reduce cost of energy and decrease loads on the wind turbines, all of which have a direct impact on the flexibility and reliability of wind turbines. The specific actions focus on 1) Design and manufacture of a reliable blade, 2) Aerodynamic control technologies and 3) Application of materials for erosion protection. 

The project will demonstrate the reliability of the proposed solution on an onshore 2MW prototype turbine and will also extrapolate conclusion to larger wind turbine and off-shore locations.

Contact at LM Wind Power
Jens Ulrich Laursen


The overall objective of the project is to evaluate, validate and improve aerodynamic and aero-elastic tools to ensure applicability for large 10-20 MW wind turbines. In the AVATAR work plan aerodynamic models are developed and calibrated for all aspects which play a role in the design of large wind turbines. The development of new comprehensive models is based on high fidelity tools feed results towards the lower complexity tools where furthermore (wind tunnel and field) measurements are used to validate and improve the models. The capabilities of the resulting tools are demonstrated on a large scale rotor with and without flow control devices.


The project is carried out by an absolute world class consortium with participants from the subprogram aerodynamics of EERA Joint Program Wind in which all leading institutes on the field of aerodynamics participate, complimented with two leading industrial partners.


Contact at LM Wind Power
Jesper Madsen 



The aim of the project is to develop the design basis for future low noise wind turbine blades without compromising the wind turbine efficiency. The idea behind the collaboration is to develop a reliable integrated rotor design tool and to design efficient, low noise rotors that are demanded in the future wind energy market for onshore application.  

The project partners expect a possible 2 dB(A) reduction of noise compared to current state-of-the-art rotor design

Contact at LM Wind Power
Jesper Madsen 

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We are always interested in hearing about new wind related projects. If you have a project that might be of interest to LM Wind Power, please contact

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Each year, our wind turbine blades effectively replace approximately 120 million tons of CO2. Sustainability is integrated in our strategy and operations. In November 2010, LM Wind Power joined the UN Global Compact.

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Integrated testing of materials From the nano level - the structure and surface of the individual fibre to testing the material composition and the sum total of the material properties, LM Wind Power has the material expertise for blades used in wind turbines.
Idea Management SystemOur objective is to generate at least 80 completely new, well-considered ideas every single year. We consider it important to develop a corporate culture that places clear value on good ideas.

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