we never run out of patents

With over 190 patent families to our credit, LM Wind Power is amongst the pioneers of technological advancement in the wind industry. Patents help us safeguard our market position and give us freedom to work with innovations for the future thereby being able to offer our customers the newest technologies.

LM Wind Power received its first patent as far back as in 1968 for a special conveyor used to transfer live fish into a lorry. Since we began developing and manufacturing wind turbine blades in 1978, we have patented more than 190 inventions in this specialist field, and the applications have, of course, become more frequent as our development activities expanded.

Most of our current patents are within the fields of:

  • Lightning protection 
  • Blade aerodynamics 
  • Blade and rotor design
  • Production technology 
  • Blade monitoring systems
  • Service and inspection systems
  • Logistics

Generating ideas - Our most important raw material
The innovation and patents department at LM Wind Power have implemented a special Idea Management System, which helps employees come to the fore and share their new ideas. Chosen ideas are offered financial backups for experimentation. Our objective is to generate at least 80 completely new, well-considered ideas every single year.

It's an LM Wind Power bladeAerodynamics of wind turbine blades has been largely based on models and calculations from the aeronautical industry. We created our own development environment to gain the best aerodynamic performance out of our blades.

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