Innovation is part of our dna

From manufacturing furniture to boats to wind turbine blades, we have constantly reinvented ourselves, our products and the way we work. Today, our innovation is firmly focused on making wind energy compelling by reducing the cost of energy.

More than 70 percent of LM Wind Power’s products have been developed over the past five years – fact! While our history is replete with examples of invention and reinvention, our approach to innovation today is targeted and has a clear direction.

As difficult as it is to completely “systematize” something as indefinable as creativity, we consider it important to develop a corporate culture that places clear value and direction on good ideas. Some of our most prominent examples of innovation such as SafeReceptor or the GloBlade® series have been carried out with a stubborn focus on lowering the cost of wind energy.

Many innovations originate in our global R&D centers in Denmark, the Netherlands and India which are staffed by about 100 specialists. However, innovation is very much a part of the DNA at all of LM Wind Power, and is not simply restricted to our product innovations. Creativity is encouraged and manifests itself at all levels across the organization. Be it manufacturing processes at our factories, the development of sophisticated software to design blades or the latest service, logistics or maintenance technique, innovation runs right through the organization.

Innovation for us is holistic, but with a firm focus on making wind compelling, competitive and cost effective.


  • Nurturing creative minds

    We support employees with ideas by rewarding them with funds for their research initiatives. Encouragements are designed to support employees to spend the necessary time and resources on creating their inventions.

  • Global Technology Center

    Strict technology focus is the hallmark value at our state-of-the-art Technology Center located at Denmark. Validation and verification are the fundamental functions.

It's an LM Wind Power bladeAerodynamics of wind turbine blades has been largely based on models and calculations from the aeronautical industry. We created our own development environment to gain the best aerodynamic performance out of our blades.

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