Global Technology Center

At our Technology Center we have various functions for securing the validation and verification of wind turbine blades in different areas. The global Technology Center has a critical role in the development and application of our technologies.

The reason for us to start our own testing program in 1999 was to avoid the long waiting times for external test beds. Having all the test facilities in-house means our customers receive their blades sooner. Below is a short summary of activities carried out at the Technology Center.

Wind tunnel
Our wind tunnel is a shining star for the company. It is a capability that very few other companies have. It allows us to deliver blades with optimized aerodynamic properties which “reduce the cost of energy”. In the wind tunnel both new and old profiles and features are compared allowing us to evaluate improvements and validate designs.   

Full scale blade testing
Full scale testing provides LM Wind Power with world-leading test capabilities. All new blades must go through this testing to meet requirements for type certification and for serial production approval. We are known as technology driven and with a highly skilled footprint. We can test blades both statically and dynamically. After testing, we sometimes perform a crash-test to establish the blade “safety zone”. Full scale blade testing will continue to evolve as LM Wind Power challenges the limits of blade technology.

Material and Process workshop
This is where the development validation and verification of materials, processes and sub-scale components, including the chemical lab and mechanical testing facilities take place.

Brand Center  
The LM Wind Power Brand Center is a presentation of LM Wind Power! Explaining our history; customer approach, technology, testing, service and logistics; and critical factors like cost of energy and the future for wind. A tour of the Brand Center can be combined with visits to the wind tunnel and test facilities of the Technology Center.

Quality Assurance
The key objective in Quality Assurance is to promote quality awareness and know-how throughout the organization, also securing the HSE performance and continued excellence in lean performance.  We measure, analyze and ensure continuous improvements through monitoring of our processes. We secure inspection plans, inspection methods and equipment as well as testing new materials, processes, methods and structural performance of our products.

Masters of wind turbine bladesOver the past 30 years of our existence as a manufacturer of wind turbine blades, we have mastered the art of designing and manufacturing them. Every third wind turbine on the planet is powered by our blades and we are by far the largest manufacturer of wind turbine blades.

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