Create a sustainable future with wind energy

Since the late 1980s LM Wind Power has developed in-house software solutions for developing rotor blades for wind turbines. More than 70 percent of LM Wind Power’s products have been developed over the past five years!

One modern wind turbine produces 180 times more electricity, at less than half the cost per kwh than the most efficient turbine 20 years ago. The over-reliance on fossil fuels and its environmental cost combined with wind energy becoming increasingly cost competitive rests the case firmly with wind.

Our vision 'Together we capture the wind to power a cleaner world' summarizes that we wish to make wind energy compelling and our long term vision is to be part of creating a sustainable future for the earth and humanity.

Our focus is on three areas - to maximize value and minimize cost, improved efficiency of blades by increasing their swept area, and regular maintenance to keep performance of the wind turbine blades high.

Competitive weight to length ratio

We have optimized the design and weight of our blades using our core pre-bending technology and unique raw materials, which enable us to make longer blades to increase the swept area and produce more power. This allows our customers to reduce costs on the dimensioning of key components like drive-trains and main shafts.

We also conduct extensive R&D in close collaboration with both customers and leading research institutions. Our objective is to develop new technology that makes wind turbines more efficient and extends the service life of both the turbines and the blades.

  • Wind rests the case

    In the backdrop of increasing use of unsustainble use of fossil fuels and its consequent adverse impact on the environment, wind energy proves to be a cost effective, clean, renewable source of energy.


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