Technology and innovation

We develop add ons, new materials, and innovative solutions that increase blade reliability and performance, while reducing the environmental impact of our products.

LM Wind Power has a long track record of innovations that improve efficiency of the blades while keeping cost down. That is the core of our business and we are proud of the contributions our products have made over the years in producing clean energy all over the world. Almost one in four turbines in the world has LM Wind Power blades of which we have produced more than 175,000 since the late 1970s. Every year, our blades help save the world 120 million tons of CO2.

Our goal is to make the most efficient rotor blades at the lowest possible price. That is our primary contribution to the expansion of sustainable and clean energy. We do that by continuously innovating, developing the material, technology and manufacturing processes to create longer and lighter blades that extract more energy from the wind and reduce cost of energy. Clean blades are efficient blades. We constantly develop new ways of maintaining the blades to offer wind farm owners optimum operation and energy yield over the full 20 year lifetime.

Ready for the offshore requirements of the future
One of the major ballgames for development is the offshore segment which will play a major role in the expansion of wind power in the coming years. The tough environment at sea sets even higher requirements to turbine reliability and LM Wind Power is leading that field with a proven track record from several offshore projects with blades for 5-6 MW turbines.

LM Wind Power was in fact involved in the world’s very first offshore wind farm project and our engineers constantly push the boundaries of blade size and airfoil shape, laying the technological foundations for 90+ meter blades that are expected to power future turbines of up to 20 MW. Our specialist competences have already repeatedly put us in front of the size race, most recently with the launch of the LM 73+. The world’s longest rotor blade in serial production.

Add-ons make a big difference
With such enormous blades, it is crucial to find flexible ways of adjusting the aerodynamic properties to make the blades perform even better. The solutions lie in active aerodynamic devices such as for instance flaps, mechanically simple, yet highly effective physical devices attached to a blade in a way that controls the airflow around it.

Technology increasingly makes the blades ‘intelligent’. Optical sensors embedded into the blade’s fiber layers measure the forces exerted on the blade with very high accuracy. At the tip of each blade, tungsten receptors capture lightning strikes and channel them safely away to a conductive cable. In the future these features will be combined withadvanced monitoring  technology, accurately measuring wind speeds and wind turbulence. Such innovations hold great promise for the powerful, intelligent blades of the future.

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