Safety and suppliers

Safe people, safe products, safe processes and supply chain management. Safety is a core component of our sustainability.

Safety first is a promise and an objective that we want to live up to at all times. A safe working environment is a prerequisite for running a financially sustainable and profitable business. With the rapid development of the business, especially people safety has received extra attention during recent years. We wanted to improve our performance and realized that we needed to start building a safety culture to support it. We are working on different levels to achieve the necessary improvements. We review and expand the current foundation with policies and guidelines, train managers and employees to raise awareness and build onwnership, and implement safer materials, equipment and tools wherever we can. We have seen significant results over the years with key performance indicators reflecting constant safety improvements in our plants. We know we can do better and continously strive to reach the next level. An example of that are the current efforts to prepare all sites for certification according to OHSAS 18001. We aim to have a global certification by end 2014.

Safe processes and workflows
Safety is however not only related to people and minimizing occupational hazards or strains. It also means having safe and reliable processes and supplier management to ensure a consistent high level of quality. The LM Production System based on LEAN principles helps provide safety in the workshops, keeping things in their proper place and organizing workflows to ensure quality production with the most efficient utilization of people and resources. Communication and continuous improvement are at the core of the LM Production System which is continuously developed to supplement the people safety initaitves. An example of that is the safety inspection module named ‘safety gemba walks’, providing a toolbox and ‘recipe’ for managers and employees to do systematic safety assessments in the manufacturing environment. Good ideas are systematically shared between our manufacturing facilities and each plant has a target for idea generation and implementation.

Whistleblower system
Policies and rules provide an important framework for governing how we work and act. Sometimes, however, violations do occur and we want to be able to react immediately. Therefore, we have an internal whistleblower system which was reinforced in 2011. We believe the whistleblower system increases the chances of us detecting law violations, discrimination or other unacceptable behavior that should be dealt with right away. While some employees are comfortable reporting concerns through an open-door policy, others are not. The whistleblower system allows people to report unacceptable behavior in full confidentiality.

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