Minimizing our environmental impact

All activities leave a footprint on nature and climate. We work in various ways across the business to reduce our impact.

LM Wind Power is part of the green energy industry with more than 160,000 blades produced since the late 1970s. However, manufacturing, assembling and transporting them require resources and energy, and produces waste. We are committed to improving how we manage the environmental impact through the entire lifecycle of our products and services and since 2010 we have been mapping our carbon footprint in all parts of the group.

We are looking at the environmental aspects of the following areas:

  • Material consumption
  • Energy consumption 
  • Water consumption
  • Waste generation and handling
  • Product end of life
  • Business travel

We work internally and with our suppliers on optimizing our material consumption to cut waste and cost. This includes implementing initiatives to reduce, re-use and replace hazardous materials in our manufacturing. All facilities have targets for reducing energy consumption and continuously implement solutions to reduce the carbon footprint and cost. 

We also track our water consumption. Even though the wind industry is one of the industries for power generation that consumes the least water and we don’t use water in our production processes, we recognize that water is and will be an increasingly scarce resource that we all need to take responsibility for preserving.

As a global company, travel is a needed and important. However, our travel policy aims at reducing this to a minimum to keep the environmental impact and cost down. This is also one of the parameters we track as part of our corporate carbon footprint.

Disposing of blades several meters long is a challenge that will become increasingly imminent. In Denmark and other geographies our scrapped blade material is disposed through combustion, turning the blade into fuel for power generation. Long term, we are aiming for a recycling solution and are actively engaged in a number of initiatives and research projects to develop a more environmentally friendly disposal method.

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Powering a cleaner worldOur researchers work non-stop to develop technology that will provide even more clean energy to the world.
World's leading supplier of wind turbine bladesLM Wind Power is the world's leading supplier of wind turbine blades. We have manufactured more than 166,000 blades, saving more than 110 million tons of CO2.
Building a sustainable futureSustainability is about taking on the environmental and social challenges we face and achieving real change.

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