Sustainability at the core

Integrating sustainability into our strategy and operations starts with our vision: Together, we capture the wind to power a cleaner world.

We have produced more than 185,000 wind turbine blades corresponding to approximately 77 Gigawatts (GW) of installed wind power capacity since the late 1970s. Each year, this effectively replaces approximately 147 million tons of CO2, doing our bit in the global battle against climate change.

Our sustainability stories    

We are proud of our contribution to a cleaner world but we also recognize that as a manufacturing company, we can do more to become leaner, greener and cleaner throughout our operations.

Throughout the year, our colleagues share stories from the four focus areas that structure our sustainability work: Safety, Environment, Technology and People.
  • A job at the top

    It was the highest they had ever climbed. Janusz Walęsik, Pawel Bylewski and Tomasz Dadas usually work in low altitudes as operators in the Goleniów, Poland plant, but that is all about to change.

  • From sites, to factories

    Our service technicians complete complex repairs while operating from heights most of us would not dare to climb. And yet, the demands of this job should never compromise their safety.

  • Giving hope in China

    In January 2015 our colleagues in Beijing donated more than 200 books and some second-hand computers to Chongli Hope Primary school, in an effort to improve the school’s educational facilities and resources.

  • Launching Canada's longest blade

    Sustainability for our business depends on stability in the markets in which we operate.

  • On the Leading Edge: Innovative Solutions to Reduce Rain Erosion

    On the promising frontier of technological advances and market growth, the wind industry faces a perpetual challenge: blade leading edge erosion.

  • Saving energy costs

    LM Wind Power’s energy management project began as a question — is it possible to save on our energy costs worldwide? A June 2014 pre-study revealed an encouraging answer: we can potentially save one million euros!

  • Saving time with Easy Plug

    When we work as one team, good things happen — LM Wind Power’s company values tell us that. But if you want further proof, look to a recent collaborative effort between Design Engineering and Global Equipment Engineering(GEE).

  • Award for cleaner production

    Local government officials come by LM Wind Power’s Tianjin, China plant quite a few times during the year. They are keen on understanding how sustainability is embedded in our operations. And they are particularly interested these days when promoting their latest initiative, ‘Cleaner Production.’

  • Build a better wind turbine

    LM Wind Power’s Little Rock plant believes in spreading the word about wind energy to the community, as well as investing in our children’s future by inspiring them to pursue careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

  • Engineers with X-ray vision

    How do multi-scale effects influence the reliability of a wind turbine blade? Our specialists in Engineering are chasing the answer, with help from a very special piece of equipment at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

Latest Sustainability report

Our sustainability reporting has evolved continuously,  and we’ve pioneered the GRI G4 framework in our latest report.

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Meet the Sustainables

Sustainability is at the core in LM Wind Power. This short animation will shed light on our approach to sustainability.

Meet the Sustainables

We Support - Global Compact

LM Wind Power has been a signatory to the UN Global Compact since end 2010, signifying our commitment to integrating ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption into our business.

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