One team, one process, one blade

One of our core values as an organization is working as one team. This value is truly reflected in our blades. Irrespective of where our blades are produced, the philosophy, the process and quality are the same.

At the very core of our manufacturing operations around the world is LM Production Systems (LMPS). LMPS takes its cue from LEAN manufacturing and is customized to our organization of factories, our people and our processes. The LMPS framework ensures uniform processes and promotes a uniform employee driven commitment to continuous improvement.

Uniformity in our production processes becomes even more important because of our global manufacturing footprint - across 13 locations and 3 continents. We are present where our customers want us to be!

The value proposition to our customers includes delivering the same superior quality, irrespective of where the blade is produced. Along with identical production processes and systems, our seamless transfer of technology between factories guarantees the same product regardless of whether the delivery is from our factory in India, China, Spain, the USA, Canada, Denmark or Poland.

The process of technology transfer draws on experts from existing factories who know everything from factory design, equipment, tests and production processes to quality control and testing. Management and staff are trained in all stages of production, and working methods are adapted to local conditions. Finally, the processes and products are always fully compliant with LM Wind Power’s quality and Health, Safety and Environment standards.
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  • Quality Assurance

    We leave no stone unturned to ensure that every blade that we manufacture meets the highest quality parameters. Right through procurement of materials in blade production, we have checks and processes that monitor quality.

  • LMPS is LM Wind Power’s LEAN

    The LM Production system (LMPS) is the foundation for how we organize our factories, service centers, people and work. LMPS consists of a set of standards, processes and tools based on the principles of LEAN manufacturing.

  • Global Sourcing

    The requirements we present in relation to specially developed raw materials have escalated in step with our own technological development and demands for greater integration between design, materials and processes.

LM Production Systems

LM Production Systems (LMPS) framework ensures uniform processes and promotes a uniform employee driven commitment to continuous improvement.

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What we do to become greenerWe work on reducing material consumption, energy consumption and waste to reduce the carbon footprint of our activities.

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