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A career at LM Wind Power means working in an international, diverse, safe and innovative environment. And, joining our team is just the starting point.

We fully recognize that our people are our greatest strength. Therefore, the success of our people is the success of the company. At every stage of your career at LM Wind Power, we will seek to empower, motivate and support your development — as you take on new challenges, cross-functional projects and opportunities for international collaboration. But, we also believe in committed employees who actively take part in their own job and career development. We would like our colleagues to believe in success and take calculated risks instead of being ruled by the fear of failure.

To support our people in both their personal and professional development goals, all employees have individual development plans to align their careers with our strategic targets as an organization. We also offer an elaborate system of support, which includes Human Resources (HR) programs, talent initiatives, training and rewards that allow our people to perform to their fullest potential and thrive in their personal and professional lives.

Here are just a few of the development initiatives you will see as an LM Wind Power employee:


Performance Management Process (PMP)
Starting from our executive management to our executives, everyone’s performance and objectives are aligned and measured according to the PMP. All employees have individual development and training plans that are reviewed on a regular basis in order to ensure that we have the right competencies to meet the organization’s goals and promote both personal and professional development.

Talent Management
The Talent Management program helps us identify and develop talent within the organization. It is closely linked to the PMP, and the employee’s growth path is aligned with the strategic priorities of the organization. We identify and map each individual’s skills and talents, allowing us to support development of the competencies most required by the organization and the employee.

High Potential Program (HiPo)
This program is specially designed for employees who display outstanding potential and performance. Such employees are identified by their managers, and given additional training. Special attention is given to accelerate their development with mentor programs and focused intervention to develop their talents further.

LM Star Program
The LM Star program recognizes people who have shown outstanding commitment to the corporate values through their work performance, effort, results and behavior. Anyone can be an LM Star!

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LM Wind Power is an international group developing apace. We are always on the lookout for skilled, motivated new staff.

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Technology drives usFrom the idea of a new LM Wind Power wind turbine blade till the actualization of the idea, technology is the only constant. Technology drives our design, use of materials, the process of manufacturing and even blade validation.

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