Our values transcend differences

With operations that span four continents and countless cultures, we have our fair share of differences. But at LM Wind Power, the differences are a driver of innovation and synergy because of common values.

Everywhere in the world, our teams are characterized by their cultural diversity and cross-functional expertise. At LM Wind Power, we view cultural, personal and professional differences as important drivers for innovation and development and not as factors that have to be overcome.

Our strength lies in our ability to harness the values within our diversity to build a strong corporate culture.

LM Wind Power is a value-driven organization. Our values serve as a framework to guide the daily actions and decisions of everyone in our company. We integrate our organization’s values into our daily work, and use the strong common foundation that it gives us to actively collaborate and create cutting edge technology.

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  • Not just words on paper!

    LM Wind Power fosters and handles diversity everyday - and we do so with pleasure! However, we also need a unifying foundation that brings us together. LM Wind Power's common foundation is our values.

LM Wind Power

LM Wind Power is the world’s leading supplier of components and services to the wind turbine industry. The group is headquartered in Kolding, Denmark and has a Global Business Office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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Nurturing creative minds We support employees with ideas by rewarding them with funds for their research initiatives. Encouragements are designed to support employees to spend the necessary time and resources on creating their inventions.

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