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In April 2010, when we became the LM Wind Power group, we chose to retain our initials as a tribute to our rich legacy as LM Glasfiber, but also as a gentle reminder of where we began. A journey, that started with the foundation of Lunderskov Moebelfabrik (Lunderskov Furniture Factory) in the small town of Lunderskov, Denmark in 1940.

Lunderskov Moebelfabrik or LM quickly began exploring the possibility of using glass fiber and by the early 1950s had changed its name to LM Glasfiber. This intrinsic knowledge of these advanced materials and a hard-earned understanding of the principles of wind energy have stood the test of time and have helped LM Wind Power maintain its position as market leader in wind turbine blades for decades.

Although it wasn’t until 1978 that we began to manufacture wind turbine blades, the 50s marked the beginning of the heritage and continuing achievements of LM Wind Power. Soon after the millennium, one of Europe’s most successful private equity firms, Doughty Hanson, came calling and we have since embarked upon a strategic expansion with a global manufacturing footprint.

Along the way, our investors acquired Svendborg Brakes, a cutting edge brakes technology company in 2008. After five years of successfully contributing to the group, Svendborg Brakes was sold off in December 2013.

Beginning with the founding of Lunderskov Mobelfabrik in 1940, we have never looked back. Except to see, how far we have come.

1940 - Lunderskov Møbelfabrik (Lunderskov furniture factory) founded with a view to manufacture of wooden furniture 

1964 - LM Glasfiber is established as a separate company, following a decade of exploring the possibilities of commercial utilization of glass fiber technology.

1978 - LM Glasfiber starts manufacturing wind turbine blades in Denmark

2001 - LM Glasfiber is acquired by certain limited partnerships, for which Doughty Hanson & Co Limited acts as general partner

2008 - Svendborg Brakes is acquired by certain limited partnerships, for which Doughty Hanson & Co Limited acts as general partner

2009 - LM Glasfiber and Svendborg Brakes merge

2009 - LM Glasfiber enters Global Wind Alliance to expand its business within service and maintenance

2010 - LM Wind Power Group is launched with the formation of three separate divisions – LM Wind Power Blades, LM Wind Power Service & Logistics and Svendborg Brakes

2011 - LM Wind Power Service & Logistics expands further in North America with the acquisition of Encore Power Services (EPS)

2013 - Svendborg Brakes is sold to Altra Holdings Inc

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